Decred Stake Pool Overview/Decred PoS 矿池介绍

A stake pool is used to delegate your voting powers to a third party (the pool). The pool cannot steal your funds.

Participating in a stake pool is perfect for people who wish to take part in Decred's proof of stake voting but can't due to:

  • Not wanting to keep a constantly unlocked wallet
  • Lack of a realible/low latency Internet connection

this pool is build by Idcray

PoS 矿池是用来委派你的投票权利给矿池的第三方服务。PoS 矿池 不能 盗取你的资金.

参与到 PoS 矿池对那些想参与到投票的人来说是最好的方式,因为自己 Solo Pos Mining 需要以下的前提

  • 一个长期稳定运行的解锁钱包
  • 一个高可用的网络